Lini….quoi ??

Being immersed in the topic, I forget that sometimes the person I’m talking to has no idea about oleo-calcareous liniment. Well, let’s start from the beginning, and I’ll focus on the questions from the LunaCat Studio blog which were sent to me on the topic.

Why use liniment anyway? Liniment comes from the Latin, ‘Linimentum’, derived from ‘linire’ (to anoint). In English-speaking countries, liniment has kept its original use as an ointment for rubbing onto the skin. It primarily contains alcohol and is used for sore muscles. It is not to be confused, therefore, with the liniment used for babies, which is oleo-calcareous liniment. Oleo represents the oil part, and calcareous represents the limewater part (calcium hydroxide).

Well-known for many years in the south of France, oleo-calcareous liniment is used to both clean and protect a baby’s bottom with a single touch. The rather alkaline pH properties of the Love Me Doux liniment will neutralise the acidity of a baby’s urine, thereby preventing this acidity from sitting on the surface of the skin.

The formula traditionally contains olive oil but this liniment could conceivably be made using any type or combination of oils. The consistency of the liniment, however, will depend on the type of oil used. There are two ranges of Love Me Doux liniment: one with traditional olive oil, and the other with Calendula oil. The latter is better suited to newborns and teething babies due to the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of Calendula.

How should it be used?

You simply pour a small amount of the product onto a washable baby wipe or a disposable cotton pad, and use it to clean your baby’s bottom. There is no need to rinse or apply other products: that would be counter-productive, since it would prevent the alkaline pH properties of the Love Me Doux liniment from neutralising the acidity of the urine touching the baby’s skin.

Parent reviews

Eva: ‘Excellent product.
We have used this liniment for our 3 children and have been very pleased with it. No skin irritation issues, easy to use – in short, I’d recommend it. I’ve even used it on a few occasions as a make-up remover.
Now that my children are older, I often give it as a baby gift.’

Sandrine, mother and midwife: ‘Simply perfect!
For me, this is the perfect product to look after your baby’s bottom when it needs a little care and attention. But that’s not all, since Calendula offers a multitude of benefits! Also, these cute little bottles are wonderful, and make very pretty baby gifts :)

Why Love Me Doux?

Because it’s easy to appreciate that, for a young parent, oleo-calcareous liniment sounds a bit like a type of medicine, or perhaps even a secret password. I wanted a name which is easy to remember and which represents my products well. I was searching for a name with my husband when a report came on the TV about the 50th anniversary of the Beatles song: Love Me Do. And, there you have it, the name was found: Love Me Doux, for products which are soft (or, in French, ‘doux’) on our beloved children’s skin. If you can’t recall the song, here’s a little reminder:

Do you fancy trying the product for yourself?

Olive bottle

Olive oil range, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml bottle, 500ml or 250ml refill: Olive oil liniment

Calendula bottle

Calendula oil range, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml bottle, 500ml or 250ml refill: Calendula oil liniment

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